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Caryn is a fabric artist who loves working with clients to create unique custom tallitot and other Judaica art. She works hand in hand with her clients to create distinctive talllitot, custom kippot and matching tallit bags for Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs and Jewish wedding ceremonies. 

​The twins shown above wanted custom tallitot made for their Bat Mitzvah ceremony. One wanted a feminine looking tallis using pinks, blues and lavender. She requested flowers and chose her very favorite color for the outside of the tallis. Her sister shown above on the right, wanted a lavender tallis with palm trees and more of a tropical theme. 

I worked closely with their mother as we went through the fabric selection process. My tallitot are different from all others because I use two completely different fabrics for the two sides of the tallit. I often use cream or white colored fabric for the corners and atara (strip of fabric around the neck). 

Each tallis is handmade. Each detail is carefully created from fabric selection to the embroidery artwork and embroidering each piece of the tallis. Every tallis is specially prepared with the clients in mind at all times.

I loved being able to present the tallit to these wonderful young ladies and  to  attend their Bat Mitzvah ceremony. 

​I'd love to create a custom tallis for you! 
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Weddings are wonderful! I just love going to weddings and being surrounded by happy people in love with each other. I especially enjoy it when I've had the opportunity to create their custom tallis. 

As the bride and groom stand closely together their rabbi wraps the tallis around them, end  their rabbi says a special blessing. 

Each corner provides an opportunity for embroidered names of the bride and groom, their wedding date, and a beautiful selection of Jewish symbolic art, wedding art, or special requests are always available.
Caryn's tallitot are entirely handmade and created in consultation with her client. She has created tallitot for rabbis, their children and clients from across the country. She has traveled to many countries and brought back inspiration with their beautiful textiles, culture, people and fashion. While in Israel she had the pleasure of enjoying tea with the owner of the oldest textile (fabric) store in the Old City of Jerusalem. They had so many beautiful silks, and every color to choose from. She was able to acquire some rich fabrics from across the middle east. 

 From the finest quality fabrics, creative embroidery designs, machine embroidery and trims, everything is hand selected and designed by Caryn.

Fill out the form below and receive a quote for your custom tallis. You can call Caryn at 657-222-5075 or email her directly at [email protected]. Please include the Bat Mitzvah, Bar Mitzvah or wedding date. Thank you. 
Let's Get Started on Your Custom Tallis Today!

 Enjoy a Custom Made Tallis for Your Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah or Your Jewish Wedding Ceremony
 Enjoy a Custom Made Tallis for Your Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah or Your Jewish Wedding Ceremony
Let's Get Started on Your Custom Tallis Today!