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You Imagine, We Create

Caryn will create a custom-designed tallis using the latest designer fabrics, beautiful embroidery  artwork , gorgeous trim elements and Swarowski stones.

Plus, Caryn will embroider yarmulkes for your groom and groomsmen. 

Your Wedding Tallis Will Be a Work of Art that will Last a Lifetime! Also Available Custom Designed Yarmulkes to Match your Custom Designed Tallit!

If you live near Orange County, California, you're welcome to visit Caryn's studio and help create your wedding tallis. Otherwise, she works with most couples via email, text, calls, and SKYPE.

Call or email Caryn and get started on your wedding tallis.
Surprise Your Fiancee with a Custom-Designed Tallit for Your Wedding Day!
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Contact Us
Caryn has had the pleasure of working with many wonderful couples to create a custom tallis for their wedding ceremonies.

Why a custom tallis for your wedding day? If you want a one of a kind piece of art for your wedding ceremony, consider commissioning Caryn. She'll work hand in hand with you to design a tallis of your dreams. 

Her custom designed tallit are unique from any others. She uses two pieces of fabric, one for the outside of the tallis and one on the inside. The outside fabric may be solid or have a subtle design pattern while the inside fabric will compliment the main color theme but may have additional colors and a design theme. You can even provide the colors and types of your wedding flowers if you'd like Caryn to follow that color and floral theme. The choice is all yours.

You Deserve a Custom Designed Tallis for Your Wedding Ceremony!
You have many choices for embroidery artwork in the four corners and atara (strip of fabric around the neck).  Here's a few ideas:

     The bride & groom's name
     Wedding date
     Children's names
     Jewish symbols
     Hearts, doves
     Wedding rings
     Text like love, hope, faith
      Flowers (of all kinds)

Please plan ahead and allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery of your beautiful, custom tallis.

Congratulations on Your Upcoming Wedding Ceremony
Please fill out the above form and we'll provide you with a quote for your custom wedding tallis. For a quicker response, feel free to call Caryn.

Call 657-222-5075
For Jewish & Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies: Rabbi Michael Mayersohn
For Your Chuppah/Arch for Your Wedding Ceremony: Ally Robinson
For Your Wedding DJ: Brent Rosen
This wonderful couple (shown above) commissioned Caryn to create a tallis for their wedding ceremony.

They  requested silk dupioni fabric on the outside of the tallis and a colorful and elegant fabric on the inside.  On the corners Caryn embroidered their names along with their wedding date.  For the atara Caryn created and embroidered beautiful peacocks to bring all of the colors together.

The bride  helped tie the tzit tzit onto each of the four corners.  See below. The colors of the tallis tied beautifully with the colors in their flowers and throughout their beautiful wedding ceremony and reception. 

Many of Caryn's family members serve in the wedding industry. Her husband Rabbi Michael Mayersohn officiates Jewish & Interfaith wedding ceremonies. Her daughter Ally Robinson is the owner of HappyChuppah.com providing chuppahs all over Southern California and and son-in-law Brent Rosen is the owner of DancePartyIndustries.com.